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What is fleece?

Brush fabric, also known as fleece or Polar Fleece. The fabric is soft with fluff, which was invented by the company, Malden Mills from 1979. Fleece is regarded as a good fabric of Wool substitute, and considered as one of the 100 best inventions in the world by Time magazine. The invention has changed the wearing habits and choices of outdoor sports enthusiasts since then.

In terms of production, brushing fabric is made of ultra-fine chemical fibers into wool yarn, and then wool yarn into fabric. Its texture is very soft and breathable, with high compressibility and extremely light weight, which is convenient to carry when mountaineering or traveling. Its warmth per unit weight is better than wool, which means that under the same weight, the bristles have a higher warmth than wool.

The bristle fabric has a loose and soft structure and high breathability, allowing the wearer to maintain good warmth without being stuffy. Due to the hydrophobicity of chemical fibers, the bristle fabric has an excellent perspiration function, and uses the capillary phenomenon to quickly take sweat and moisture away from the skin, which is very suitable for sports and leisure activities. In terms of maintenance, the bristle material does not shrink, deform, pilling, stink and moth-eaten problem, soft and does not make the skin itchy. Washing can be directly washed with cold water in the washing machine, which is easier to maintain than wool products.

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